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year after a protracted standoff with their top draft pick, the Chargers made quick work inking their first-round selection.
Los Angeles announced Thursday receiver Mike Williams officially signed his four-year contract. The deal is worth $19.75 million fully guaranteed, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported. As with all first-round selections the deal comes with a team option for a fifth season.

The 6-foot-4 Clemson product was the No. 7 overall pick in the 2017 draft.

Williams brings size and high-point catch ability to a deep Chargers pass-catching corps that includes Keenan Allen, Tyrell Williams, Travis Benjamin and tight ends Hunter Henry and Antonio Gates. If the group can stay healthy and the offensive line improves, the Chargers could boast the best offense of the Philip Rivers-era.

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Paging Tony Romo. A former teammate needs your help.
Tommy Noel ✔ @TommyNoel
.@EzekielElliott takes a practice shot on the driving range before the @dallascowboys Golf Classic.
2:17 AM – 11 May 2017 · Cowboys Golf Club
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Oh, the humanity.

Ezekiel Elliott is exactly the type of guy you don’t want in front of you on the golf course. He’ll miss the ball entirely in his first attempt at a drive, follow with a 45-yard ground ball and eventually reach the green in, oh, six additional strokes. That’s all before the inevitable four-putt. Wait, are Zeke and his buddies shooting the s— on the green? GET OFF THE GREEN.

You’ll put up with this for three holes (four holes max) before one of your buddies (not you, of course), works up the courage to ask to play through. He won’t know what that means and you’ll be forced to explain this basic bit of golf etiquette. It will be excruciating.

Twenty minutes later, we’re back on a tee box only this time Zeke and his friends are waiting on you. Feeling the pressure of this NFL star and his buds, who still harbor an obvious grudge about the play-through detente, you hit a ghastly one-hopper into the pond located on the parallel hole.

Zeke and his boys laugh at you and you quietly resolve to never golf ever again. Scene.

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Mike Tomlin strikes us as the type of guy who always sounds like a football coach. He could be talking about Spider 2 Y Banana, Thanksgiving dinner or setting up the wifi router in his den and Tomlin will always speak with the tone and cadence of an NFL sideline prowler.

This suspicion has gained steam after watching the longtime Steelers coach deliver a commencement address at Robert Morris University last Friday. Over 16 minutes, Tomlin’s comments touched on familiar themes of these types of addresses (chase your dreams, be the hammer not the nail, et al) as well as some loving remembrances of late Steelers chairman Dan Rooney.
But the speech began with Tomlin taking a not-so-subtle shot at the New England Patriots, a team we’re strongly starting to suspect he doesn’t like very much.

“I’ll proceed with a couple of assumptions,” Tomlin said. “And I realize that assumptions are very dangerous. There’s a cliché about assuming, isn’t it? It can make Patriots out of you and me.”

Feel the burn.

Speaking of the Patriots, Tomlin also joked about the Facebook Live controversy that erupted in the Steelers locker room last January after wide receiver Antonio Brown decided to take out his camera during a Tomlin postgame speech in which the coach referred to the Patriots as a–h—-.

“I’ll proceed with the assumption that, in some form or fashion, one or more of you out there are somehow live-streaming this on the internet,” he said. “And I’ll behave accordingly.”

All in good fun by Coach. Please, please, please, please don’t lead your hot take shows talking about how this could be possible motivation for Bill Belichick next season. C’mon guys. I really don’t want to write a mission statement.

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There’s no sweeter time for new additions to the NFL than during rookie minicamps.

Every team is excited to have them. Reviews are glowing. The acclimation process is friendly and measured.

But as the fresh crop of quarterbacks receive their first playbooks — imagine the yellow pages back when landlines and answering machines were still hot — the sheer amount of information can be initially overwhelming. New Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes wasn’t shy about the increased difficulty in his first 72 hours of marriage with Kansas City’s offense.
“It’s a lot more than I had at Texas Tech,” Mahomes said, via ESPN. “Whenever I got up there and called it, then I had to look out there and see the guys and make sure everybody was in the right position. That was pretty much the process, and it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.”

This is quite common, but also interesting in the continuous comparison of college and professional offensive systems, their complexities and their substantial difference in snaps taken under center. Mahomes is one of the luckier rookie signal-callers, selected by a team with an entrenched starter. With no clock or calendar held against him, he’ll have plenty of time to learn the ins and outs of the offense under Alex Smith and head coach Andy Reid, who’s displayed a propensity for developing reliable passers in the past.

“You try to find a balance to where you’re still challenging him but he can still function,” Reid said. “Everything won’t be pretty today, but he’ll do all right. He’ll get an idea of what it’s all about.

“The main thing is that he learns the verbiage part. We know he can throw the football. It’s a matter of getting in and getting the verbiage down and the formations and making sure he’s comfortable with that. It’s a good period for him to learn. There will be a lot of that going on.”

With Smith seemingly going nowhere in the short term (barring injury, of course), Mahomes should have no problem knowing the offense by the time his opportunity comes around.

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Have you ever wanted to own previously-worn athleisure items that were sweated upon and laundered by a one-time Pro Bowler?

Well, residents of De Pere, Wisconsin, welcome to your halcyon days.

Former Packers running back Eddie Lacy is kicking off his much ballyhooed garage sale this weekend and if you thought the weather was hot in Northeastern Wisconsin, check out these prices. Lacy-worn hats and shirts are going for a cool $50 while Packers hoodies are going for $100.

Among the other items for sale: T-shirts and tanks for $5, including what seems to be a gold alligator print. PlayStation games were going for $10 apiece while brand new, in-box Under Armor cleats were going for $25. For the non-football fan, Lacy was also selling Tide, candy canes, Reynolds Wrap and Chunky Soup.

According to a grainy Facebook live broadcast from the yard sale, Lacy had a line stretching all the way down the block. A man named Gavin interviewed by the local news station showed up moments after Lacy posted the information on Twitter and the line out of Lacy’s driveway was still about 100 people deep when he arrived. Another woman drove in from Iowa.

My favorite part of the video is the collision between two very different, devoted worlds. The hardcore garage-sale people seem to care little for who owns the house or what sort of Packers merchandise is there, like the man hoisting Lacy’s nightstand and humping it down the driveway. The Packers fans, meanwhile, are waiting in amusement park lines with the hope of scoring some $2 socks.

The silver lining in all of this is that the money goes to a good cause. Lacy is donating proceeds to the Freedom House, a homeless shelter in nearby Green Bay. It reaffirms what many Packer fans waiting on the sidewalk said: Lacy was always good to the locals, and he will be missed.

If nothing else, $5 for a designer tank is one hell of a deal.